Sunday, June 15, 2014

Michael's First Fathers' Day


Earlier this week my sister and I had fun making some crafts with all the kids for Michael and my brother-in-law. As she began to write, she paused - and debated whether or not she should write Father's or Fathers'. We lamented the fact that the grammatically correct version (Fathers' Day) is rarely seen or used (for the record, Father's would be correct if you are simply referring to it as your father's day - as in one father). It also made me remember my post about Mother's Day and how I agonized over that title - and eventually caved and used the common (incorrect) apostrophe placement. I admired the way my sister decided to go with the grammatically correct version, stating that she'd rather know she was right and have other people think she's wrong than vice versa.

Without further ado, Happy Fathers' Day!

We have a nice day planned that involves going to Mass, making spaghetti for lunch, possibly spending the afternoon at the pool, and a carry out dinner (Michael's choice!) from one of the best, local Chinese restaurants we've found without having to go into the city. Plus, there are all the fun things Michael doesn't know about: how I plan to make him breakfast (he is currently still sleeping) and the gifts I have for him. I got him this Fathers' Manual and a picture frame that holds 5 pictures - which I filled with photos of him & Gabriel and Gabriel's 10-month baby hand-print and footprint. I really hope he likes everything because I'm really excited to surprise him with it all!

Most importantly, though, I hope and pray that I will be able to help him better understand on this day how much I love and appreciate him for who he is and all that he has done over the past year in his new role as "Father." I've had the pleasure of watching Michael grow from not knowing anything about changing diapers, baby food, various stages of baby development, baby gear, or pretty much anything about babies - into a man that is confident in his knowledge and abilities in virtually all things related to our son. Beyond knowledge and confidence, Michael is a good father - plain and simple. He cares deeply about our family and loves Gabriel in the ways only a father can. He changes lots of diapers, helps out greatly with bath time, and can make Gabriel belly laugh in the evenings on the days when I simply can't. He is present and he is involved in Gabriel's life.

When Michael and I were engaged and met with the priest who would celebrate our wedding, the priest sat and listened to us. Then, he looked at Michael and said, "You remind me of St. Joseph. I can see how you are much like him."

Amen. As soon as he breathed those words, I knew he was right. Since getting married and having a baby I have only seen them become more and more true. What a blessing to have Michael as the head of our little family!

I'm blessed to have Michael as my husband and the father of our son. I smile when I think of all the future holds for us as our family grows - and Michael evolves even further in his fatherly role.

On this day I thank God for fathers - for the man my husband is, for my own father and all I've been blessed with because of him, and for all fathers throughout the world. I pray for all children who will never know their fathers and those who have only poor examples of fatherhood. May we have the intercession of St. Joseph, Jesus' foster father here on earth and head of the Holy Family. And may we always recognize our heavenly Father as the ultimate example of love and fatherhood that He is.

Happy Fathers' Day!

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."
-George Herbert

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