Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fall Family Photos


Back when Gabriel was about to turn one we thought it was a great idea to do some professional family photos. Unfortunately, photographers were booked out the wazoo...but we at least found one whose work we liked (along with her prices - definitely one of the better deals I've found in this area for her level of quality work) and decided to postpone our photo shoot for a time when she was available. We decided to do some birthday portraits of Gabriel at the mall and thought we would do our family session as an anniversary gift to ourselves at the end of September/early October. Alas, the photographer was booked for what felt like a year and a day - but was really about 3 months. So we waited and waited and finally our mid-November session rolled around.

We just got all of our photos back a few days ago and I can't wait to share them! All photo credit goes to Daniella Bella Photography. Here are some of my favorites:

Spoiler alert: this will be on our Christmas cards...but I couldn't resist posting it with all the others!
A lot of times people say Gabriel looks more like me (because of the light hair, I think) - but check this out. I think he looks strikingly like Michael much of the time.

Michael saw this one and said, "He really does look like an angel." (something people used to say as soon as they found out his name when he was little)

^My favorite!
I had to push my stomach out a bit to capture this image at 11 weeks - but this is
basically what my bump really looks like today at 14 weeks! Hello, second pregnancy.

Didn't she do a beautiful job?! If you're in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, you should consider hiring Daniella Bella Photography. If her photos aren't enough to convince you to hire her, maybe this will:

We initially hired Daniella for an hour-long family session but when we arrived she suggested we opt for a "mini" (30-minute) session instead. Because of the time of year, the daylight was fading quickly and she didn't want us to pay for a session that we might not be able to complete. If we did the mini session, she guaranteed that she could get enough good shots for our final portfolio. The smaller session meant less time and fewer final photos, but it also saved us a significant chunk of money and - you'd never know it from the pictures - it was absolutely freezing that day. It was one of the coldest days we've had this season and we all had layers upon layers of clothing (for real - Gabriel had no less than a onesie, 4 additional shirt layers, and a couple layers of pants on). Obviously we chose to go with the mini session because it just made sense - but there were so many blessings in disguise that came from that decision. Not only did we save a lot of money, but I have no idea how much longer we could have lasted in the cold. Daniella ended up shooting for almost 45 minutes instead of 30 just to ensure that she got enough shots to work with (and she was very patient working with Gabriel!). When all was said and done, she gave us basically the same number of final photos as we would have received if we had paid for the entire hour-long session and frozen nearly to death. The fact that she was honest about wanting to deliver the best product possible - even if it meant her making less money off of us - really impressed me. In case you couldn't tell, I sincerely do recommend her.

“Not only would I say that the family is important for the evangelization of the new world. The family is important, and it is necessary for the survival of humanity. Without the family, the cultural survival of the human race would be at risk. The family, whether we like it or not, is the foundation.”
-Pope Francis, Interview on Radio Catedral


  1. Yes, your photographer did a great job!
    she captured such a beautiful family! :)
    love the bump

  2. p.s. if you are headed to Indiana this Christmas, send me an email.... maybe we can meet up for some cupcakes :)

    1. Oh my, that would be SO fun! Unfortunately we won't be in Indiana - although it is for a happy reason! All my family will be in the Boston area this year because my older sister (who lives there) is expecting their 3rd baby on Dec. 27th. :)