Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's In My Bag?


Are you familiar with Lily Jade? They first popped up on my radar at some point within the past couple of years, but as a first-time pregnant mama I struggled to justify putting a designer diaper bag on my wishlist considering I had no idea yet what I would need, like, and prefer when Gabriel entered our lives. So, I did the practical thing and found a perfectly lovely and suitable bag that seemed to have all I would need without breaking the bank (or someone else's bank when they generously bought it for me as a baby shower gift).

Fast forward to the present and I'm now one content owner of my very own Lily Jade bag (thanks to a sweet gift card I won on Black Friday and my dear husband - who generously offered to pay the remaining amount to give me my dream diaper bag as my Christmas present). Honestly, I could go on and on about how and why I chose the bag I did (and why it's amazing) after using my first diaper bag for several months, but that's another post for another day.

Today I simply want to share with you WHAT's inside my bag, because the sweet people at Lily Jade are offering to give away a free bag to three(!) individuals that give everyone a glimpse at what they're toting around. Yes, you're right: I DO already own a Lily Jade bag, which is why I'm promising right here and now that IF I somehow win I will pass the bag on to another deserving mother. After all, it took me a very long time to feel okay investing in a bag that is on the luxurious side...but Lily Jade bags are wonderful not just because they're stylish - but because they are insanely practical (have you seen their removable "baby bag" insert that has 16 different pockets? And did you know my bag can be worn as a backpack?!). I would love to spread the Lily Jade love to someone else who is always putting their family first but deserves some pampering themselves. So let's do this (and here's hoping I'm a winner!).

First, here's what it currently looks like with everything inside:

It actually looks pretty empty, right?

In many ways it is - because now that Gabriel is 18 months old, carrying 5+ diapers and at least one back-up change of baby clothes for an outing are thankfully a thing of the past. However, even with this much left-over room I still manage to carry a surprising amount of items with me...which gives me confidence that this bag will undoubtedly be large enough and live up to its title of "worthy investment" with our second baby boy on the way.

Now, here's what's inside:

On the bottom left is (obviously) my bag and in the upper right you'll see the Lily Jade removable "baby bag" insert that comes in all their bags (seriously - 16 pockets). Here's a list of everything you see in between:

-2 baby washcloths (because we ate at my sister's a lot over the holidays...and sometimes wipes aren't enough)
-Gabriel's water bottle
-bib and spoon
-bag of crackers
-2 prayer cards
-Our Lady of Guadalupe necklace
-3 hair ties and a bobby pin
-hand sanitizer
-a pen
-3 (don't ask me why) variations of lip balm
-a Christmas gift card
-my wallet
-Avengers cell phone and TMNT key chain
-Lily Jade changing pad (comes with the bag)
-disposable bags for those diaper changes that don't occur near a trash can (it happens)
-Orajel and teething tablets
-diaper rash cream
-infant comb
-one diaper
-wipes case

Make sure you head over to Katrina's (where I'll be linking up) for more details about the giveaway! Also, inquiring minds want to know: what do you keep in your diaper bag? 


  1. We have that Avengers phone too. We have the matching keys instead of the TMNT ones though. Haha. Boys and their toys :)

    1. Ha, that's too funny! Great minds think alike. ;)
      But seriously - those were hands down 2 of the best stocking stuffers Gabriel received this Christmas.

  2. I have been reading these posts for the last few days at it seems like EVERYONE has several flavors of chapstick. I'd be guilty, myself. :)