Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Big Apple in Beantown


I'm sure that title is throwing some of you for a loop, so I'll cut to the chase and tell you that, no, New York City didn't somehow end up squeezing into the much tinier Boston...but the Big Apple Circus did find its way into town!

If it weren't for my sister and her husband I probably would have been oblivious to the circus coming to town and would have missed out on it entirely. However, my sister told me about the radio ads she had heard and her husband (who was raised in New England) informed her that he grew up seeing this circus perform and thought it would be fun to take our children to. Before I knew it, my sister had gathered some friends and family, picked a date, and we found ourselves with weekend tickets to Gabriel's very first circus show!

There are many great things about this circus that performs in NYC and New England, but one of its main selling points is its size. They do a one-ring show which means that even in the "nosebleed section" you'll find yourself no more than 50 feet from the ring.

We were in the very last row yet were still this close!

I think this is a big deal with young children - because who wants to waste money on tickets to a show that your little one(s) can barely see or focus on? I think three rings would have been overwhelming at best and scary at worst for Gabriel, who is not quite a 21-month-old.

As it stands, Gabriel thoroughly enjoyed himself and while it was a lot of excitement for him, he wasn't overwhelmed. My husband and I also enjoyed the show, but I think some of my favorite memories include seeing Gabriel's reactions to it all. I almost died laughing when a gymnast accidentally slipped, I said "oh no," and Gabriel proceeded to yell and point, "Oh NO!" throughout the rest of the segment. Nor did it ever get old seeing him happily join in the applause with the rest of the crowd.

We saw an 11am show, which meant that it ended right around Gabriel's nap-time. He was definitely greatly in need of a nap and was too tired to smile in any of the family photos we took, but don't let that fool you. There's no doubt that he has a blast!

Why yes, I am 8 months pregnant. How could you tell?

If you find yourself in New York or New England when Big Apple Circus is touring, I certainly recommend them as a good, family-friendly show - especially if you have young children (even my 4-month-old nephew handled it like a champ!). Bonus: they have autism-friendly shows, they are a not-for-profit circus, they regularly do free shows for children in hospitals, and they only use positive reinforcement training with their animals!

"Precarious, life is. A flying leap. A sweep of hand. A star flung across the night. A lucky catch in this whirling juggling circus act."
-Rivera Sun

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