Monday, September 14, 2015

Gabriel's 2nd Birthday Celebration(s)


Gabriel's 2nd birthday fell on a Wednesday, so we decided to have a little family celebration that day and a slightly larger gathering with some extended family that weekend. His actual birthday was pretty low-key and consisted of giving him a few gifts, allowing him to pick whatever he wanted to eat for dinner, and (of course!) singing Happy Birthday as we gave him a special birthday cupcake.

The first gift we let him open that morning was a book from my grandmother - and I just about lost it because I made some comment like "ooh, I wonder what it is," and as he prepared to rip open the wrapping paper he looked me in the eyes and knowingly said, "Book!" So funny.

Opening a little Totoro from Michael and me

The details of the day while my husband was at work are a bit fuzzy (everything I'm recapping did take place over a month ago already - whoops). However, thanks to photographic evidence I remember that we happened to be outside our apartment playing ball in a small grassy area when Michael came home. Then, when we all came inside together I enlisted Gabriel's help in baking his birthday cupcakes.

After we played ball in the "yard"

It was the first time I've ever let Gabriel help me bake and he was so excited to help me crack the eggs, stir the cake mix, and place ALL the cupcake liners in the baking tin. He truly did a fantastic job and it was so fun to have his help!

For dinner Gabriel got to choose whatever he wanted - and he contentedly feasted on his choice of not one, but two granola bars. Living the life, I tell ya. This was followed, of course, by a birthday cupcake. That boy could not have had a happier dinner!

Clapping excitedly after he saw his cupcake and we sang Happy Birthday

That weekend we had a lot of big family events going on and my mom was visiting from out of state, so we invited my mom along with my sister and her family over for a birthday pool party and cookout lunch for Gabriel.

Singing Happy Birthday to the boy of the hour
Why yes, that is the outfit we got him from Hawaii in February

These little cousins are always scoping each other out and it's adorable

The pool party was a blast, cupcakes were (once again) a big hit, and it was so nice to have my mom visiting for all the celebrations. Later that day was my sister and brother-in-law's big housewarming party and it was their 6th wedding anniversary - but that's a post for another day.

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."
-Dr. Seuss

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