Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Five Favorites: Naps Caught on Camera


Remember when I used to link up on Wednesdays with others to share 5 of my favorite things? No? Well, that's probably because it's been a year and a half since I've joined in the 5 Faves fun!

Whenever I write about a trip or big event on the blog it usually means that behind the scenes I'm sifting through photos, figuring out which ones to share. When I recently recapped our journey to the World Meeting of Families (WMoF) in Philadelphia I quickly realized I had an entire collection of hilarious images. These pictures didn't find a place in any of  my recaps, but they're just too good NOT to share.

So, here are 5 of my favorite photos from our WMoF trip that all fit into a funny little category I like to call "Sleeping Or Trying to Sleep?" Let's see if you can guess what's what!

--- 1 ---

If you guessed "sleeping" you're right! At this age he only needs one afternoon nap, but the poor kid was so tired from traveling Friday and going to bed later than usual that he passed right out while we were walking from the museum exhibit to the Festival of Families location on Saturday morning. 

Funny story: when we passed through the final security checkpoint they saw that my children were sleeping and graciously let them stay in the stroller, but one of the guards had to peer down in the stroller basket and asked if we could remove the doll. She tried to lift Gabriel's beloved babydoll, but his grip was so firm that she could not possibly have taken it without waking him up - so thankfully she just gave up and said it was fine. 

--- 2 ---

Also clearly sleeping. This was a snapshot of my niece and nephew as we waited to board the train after a loooong day waiting to see Pope Francis at the Festival of Families.

--- 3 ---

This one is tricky! It looks like he could be sleeping, but he's actually trying desperately to get some rest on Sunday. It was early afternoon (his normal nap time) but we were camped out for that afternoon's Mass with Pope Francis which means he didn't have the lull of the stroller to help him in his public napping efforts. 

--- 4 ---

When he couldn't rest on his own, Gabriel attempted to join his daddy - but unfortunately he still didn't fall asleep. Jury's out on my husband, though.

--- 5 ---

I actually have no idea if my brother-in-law slept or not, but this is possibly my favorite of all the "Sleeping Or Trying to Sleep" photos! I just love how he's resting with obvious signs of children running around (Pope Francis doll, pacifier, and multiple comfort objects, anyone?)...while a baby climbs on him. Welcome to parenthood, folks!

BONUS! Because I'm sure you're all dying to know whether or not Gabriel managed to snag that elusive nap, here's a sixth favorite photo:

How did he do it without a crib or the relaxing motion of a walk in the stroller? Well, I picked him up and cradled him as we stood singing the processional hymn at the start of Mass...and he passed out in my arms in (literally!) the blink of an eye. I then reclined him in the stroller, where he proceeded to sleep through everything until the very end of the papal Mass

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  1. This is just the sweetest! Thanks so much for linking up.

  2. Also take note everyone.. There's not a single picture of the mamas napping!

  3. This is too funny! Glad you decided to share. :)